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A Champion for Justice

Who is Rhonda?

Welcome to the official page of Rhonda Antoinette Haymon, a dedicated advocate and experienced legal professional. Rhonda's journey began in Bellflower, California, where her determination and resilience were evident from the start. Born into a challenging circumstance with a diagnosis of pneumonia at just two weeks old, Rhonda fought and won her first case – a testament to her lifelong commitment to fighting for life, both literally and figuratively.

Rooted in Southern Heritage and Disciplined Values

Raised by parents from the southernmost parts of Arkansas, Rhonda carries a deep connection to her Southern heritage. Guided by her father, a United States Navy Veteran, she learned discipline and the value of a strong work ethic. Witnessing her parents' enduring 58-year marriage instilled in her the importance of dedication and commitment.


Advocate from High School to Courtroom

As the youngest of three children, Rhonda's advocacy journey began at Gardena High School, where she graduated with high honors. Participating in the National Speech and Debate Association, she honed her skills, reaching the highest echelons by winning impromptu-speaking competitions. These skills have been the cornerstone of her successful career as a Deputy Public Defender.


Academic Excellence and Leadership

In 1994, Rhonda pursued higher education at Tuskegee University in Alabama, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social and Political Sciences, and Mathematics. It was at Tuskegee where she joined Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and served as Vice-President of the Gamma Tau Chapter, refining her leadership skills.


A Legal Trailblazer

Rhonda's legal journey spans over 23 years, during which she passed both the Oregon and California State Bar exams. She began her public service in 2001 at the Orange County Public Defender's Office, later continuing her pursuit of justice at the Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office in 2004. A staunch advocate for fairness, transparency, and justice, Rhonda earned the moniker "Ms. Acquittal" for her impressive record in the courtroom.


Inspiring Future Advocates

Beyond her legal career, Rhonda has consistently inspired others to passionately fight for justice. Elected to the California Young Lawyers Association in 2006, she represented and assisted newly admitted lawyers, contributing significantly to upholding the State Bar's Professional Code of Conduct.


Educator and Game Changer

Rhonda's commitment to fairness and transparency extends to her role as an adjunct professor at Southwestern Law School. Through instruction in Criminal Procedure and Litigation, she emphasizes the crucial balance between mastering the law and upholding principles of fairness and justice. Rhonda encourages future lawyers to be "game changers" and advocates for a more equitable legal practice.


A Call to the Judicial Bench

Driven by her experiences and the desire to rectify injustices, Rhonda aspires to serve on the Judicial Bench. Her goal is to ensure that every individual entering her courtroom has a voice and is treated with fairness. With Lady Liberty as her inspiration, Rhonda envisions a judiciary where fairness, transparency, and equity reign supreme.

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